Our History:

GRENIGAS Limited originally known as Greater Nigeria Development Company Ltd  in 1967 went into marketing collaboration with Texaco Nigeria Limited by an MOU in which GRENIGAS was to purchase LPG (Butane) from Texaco and Market the Product by Operation of filling plants, bottling and distribution throughout Nigeria, utilizing Texaco Nigeria marketing outlets.

Texaco further collaborated by providing finance and support for the new brand product GRENIGAS. Until 11th October 1971, the company commenced the business of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) distribution. On the 25th of May 1967, the company was incorporated as a limited liability company with Corporate Affairs Commission registration No. RC 5345 to engage principally in the business of LPG Bottling and nationwide distribution as well as kitchen gas appliances sales, supplies and installations.

It is also significant that the new company GRENIGAS LTD had a technical corporate agreement in 1968 with Calorgas Ltd whose marketing Head Quarters is in Slough in the United Kingdom.

Calorgas Limited UK had 40% equity of the then share capital of GRENIGAS LTD in addition to providing LPG tanks and equipments as well as cylinders they provided management on a two year rotational contract.

This equity participation of Calorgas was eliminated in 1971 during the indigenization of LPG retail marketing.

Our Brand:

GRENIGAS Limited’s activities are driven by commitment to the provision of excellent service delivery, steady product availability and affordability. Thus, GRENIGAS is one of the few pioneer companies to have taken LPGas to all nooks and crannies of Nigeria through its network distribution centres. GRENIGAS continues to make significant strides in the industry and keeping pace with global changing trends.

GRENIGAS​ ​Limited​ ​is​ ​licensed​ ​as​ ​LPG​ ​Plant​ ​Operator​ ​and​ ​LPG​ ​Marketer; oldest indigenous​ ​and independent​ ​LPG​ ​Bottling​ ​Plant​ ​Operator​ ​in​ ​Nigeria​ ​(Est.​ ​1967).

The company operates skilled professional technical department equipped for comprehensive and emergency maintenance of cooking gas supply system of Residential Estates, Fast Food, Restaurants, Hotels and Industrial kitchens.

With the Chief Executive being doyen of the LPG industry in Nigeria, a veteran Engineer, the quality of Grenigas technical services continues to take the organization through many industry’s challenges since 1967.

Grenigas Ltd is structured to be self sustaining in personnel, material and funds. Thus, the company depends on her skilled personnel, and material/ Equipment Facilities for haulage storage and distribution of products.

The company continues to make positive impact in the LPG Industry.